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Marketing professionals depend on Market Directions for insightful market research to identify and anticipate customer needs. The data collected and analyzed provides the confidence needed to make informed business marketing decisions.

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As a result of our work, you will understand your customers and your business in a whole new way. You will see your products and services as your key customers see them, and, equipped with this critical information, that you will save both money and time, delivering your products to new markets of eager, highly-qualified buyers.

What we offer

An accelerated approach to market research.

Market Directions is a boutique B2B marketing research firm offering an accelerated approach to market research. We can do research projects in less time because we are small and responsive, taking on a limited number of focused new projects each month. We work with CMO's, product managers and marketing departments, handling both U.S. and global marketing research projects.

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Business-to-Business Marketing Research Since 1994

You benefit from our 20 years of expertise in customer experience and strategies, and technology market insights, which drives the success of your business.
Our consultative style helps you to prioritize which research methods will help you to fulfill your marketing objectives. Market Directions is both highly responsive and cost-effective.