About Us

Our History

Market Directions is a full service custom market research firm that helps companies to identify and clarify distinct marketplace opportunities.

We believe in and practice evidenced based marketing, that is supporting marketing decisions and campaigns with critical information and data which conveys your customers’ experiences and stories. The only way to gather evidence with quality, is thorough market research.

shutterstock_149450309Since 1994, we have enabled organizations, both large and small, to understand their customers in new ways. By asking the right questions and analyzing the answers, our unique, hands-on methodology enables CFOs, as well as senior marketing and sales executives, to significantly increase sales and gain measurable competitive advantage.

We do this by using a variety of market research tools—from individual interviewing to broad-based electronic data gathering—(Click on our Services for a complete list) and present our clients with new, and profitable ways to understand their customers and their environments.

Our promise to you? That as a result of our work, you will understand your customers and your business in a whole new way. You will see your products and services as your key customers see them, and, equipped with this critical information, that you will save both money and time, delivering your products to new markets of eager, highly-qualified buyers.

Our Work

  • We are "Fixers"Market Directions is often hired when larger companies fail to deliver. When you work with us, you work directly with experienced research professionals. No interns, no sales reps.
  • Faster DeliverablesAs a boutique firm, we handle a limited number of projects each month so we can deliver research quickly.
  • Confidentiality AssuredWe sign NDAs for each project. Please call for references!


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