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Give them a Reason to Believe – Concept testing and Product Optimization

[caption id="attachment_2966" align="alignright" width="300"] Give them a reason to believe by gaining a unique position in the customer's minds and hearts, but first you have to understand them.[/caption] Concept testing and product optimization is about assessing new product ideas and to test repositioning and improvement of existing products. The process involves gathering information “evidence” to…
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Ten Mistakes when creating online Surveys

10 Common Mistakes Made When Writing Surveys 1. Having little or no understanding of the target audience 2. Providing multiple choice lists that are too restrictive 3. Requiring answers to all questions 4. Asking too many open-ended questions 5. Using ranking questions incorrectly, or overusing them 6. Asking unnecessary questions 7. Asking too many questions…
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Think about it, these two, very different Brits would be segmented together within your survey results.  Unless you ask the right questions and take a deep dive into the results, you may not see the nuances of what survey results may be telling you.
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Survey Questions Require A Framework

When developing and analyzing surveys, there is a considerable amount of time and effort in developing the questions format, sequence, length, and the effort and time required by respondents to answer them. Questions have a technical aspect to them, (see our Paper on Question types) but also developing questions has to be done in a…
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