Market Research

Health Care Industry

One of the simplest, least complicated aspects of delivering health care is practicing good customer service skills. Patient satisfaction surveys repeatedly show that health care worker attitudes and manners weigh with similar importance to treatment processes.

Market Directions’ health care clients sought out our work because of our broad experience, technical capabilities, leadership and work ethic. Over the past 20+ years Market Directions has worked with health plan companies and practices to provide a better experience for their members and consumers.

Trusted Partner

We become a true partner and trusted adviser for our health care clients:

We are dedicated, collaborative and consistent in handling all aspects of the market research process.
We immerse ourselves in our clients’ brands, markets and business situations.
We work closely with key personnel, holding frequent information and formal progress reviews.

How We Make It Work

We assist you by listening and focusing on your goals
We evaluate the current data, examine problems and bring critical insight.
We recognize when you need more information and suggest methods and strategies for further research.

Some Basic Health Care Service Essentials:

  • Establish clear customer service guidelines for all staff members, and publicly recognize good customer service behaviors often.
  • Treat patients with dignity and respect from the moment they enter your facility.
  • Treat employees with dignity and respect; they are your greatest brand ambassadors.
  • Listen intently so that you can deliver a brand experience that meets patients’ expectations.
  • Engage patients in the treatment plan and be open to feedback about their experience.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients and employees.

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