Market Research Methods and Process

Market Research Methods and Process

Market Directions market research delivers strategic insights that lead to more success in the marketplace and profitability to the bottom line. 

We do so by offering a breadth of research approaches:



All of our quantitative approaches incorporate statistically valid analysis techniques that are designed to uncover powerful and actionable insights.


We deploy a wide breadth of qualitative methods to engage your audience, probe beyond the superficial, and get to the emotions that motivate behavior and ultimately action.


Research projects often begin with secondary data. Secondary data is often used to gain initial insight into the research problem.


Market Directions help clients understand the cognitive processes underlying respondents’ reactions to survey questions; design and implement rigorous, efficient methods for sampling from populations and weighting resultant survey data; and employ stastical techniques for analyzing and interpreting survey and secondary data.


Through on-line panel vendors we give you access to  more than 8 million consumers around the world, our market research respondent selection is multi-sourced to provide the highest quality of response and high response rates.


We provide you with new sources of market insight and consumer behavior, by blending primary research with efficient and effective research channels.  Our On Demand Marketing provides you with real-time customer feedback helping clients to improve performance across all channels.

Market Research Methods and Process

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