Qualitative Methods Market Research

Would you like to hear--- really hear what your customers are saying?
Do you want to hear how they think, feel and rationalize behavior?
Do you want to see their expressions and body language responding to your offers?

Would you like to know what they are telling other perspective customers and not you?

Then, Qualitative Market Research is a powerful tool. Market Directions has conducted focus groups, depth interviews, one-on-one interviews and related qualitative market research projects for consumer products, business to business-B2B- clients. We know when and where to use qualitative research for marketing decision-making.

The cry of marketers , "If you can’t measure it, it doesn't count."

Even when quantitative data is preferred you may still need a qualitative method approach to interpret what’s going on, to gain depth, or to understand customer needs in a more refined, multi-dimensional manner. Qualitative research helps you to scope out the role your product or service plays in the customer’s life and the tasks they engage in while benefiting from your solution.

Qualitative Methods Market ResearchWe specialize in talking, hearing and listening to customers using techniques that allow our clients to gain a perspective unobtainable from other research firms. A qualitative research experience with prospects and customers is a way to get people within the organization who have no contact with consumers "next to the customer."

Qualitative research is powerful because organizations hear and see customers talk about their brand and the competitors' brands; about what they'd really like to have if they could; and the sometimes unusual ways they use the product or service. (A great example is Arm & Hammer--- their qualitative research campaign to expand product use came from a comment by one person (refrigerator deodorizer) in one focus group.)

Qualitative Methods Market Research

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