Customer Focus

Customer Focus Market Research

Customer Focused ResearchA Customer-Focused Organization has procedures in place to improve processes and practices from the customers’ perspective. That means finding out who your customers are, what they want and how they would like to interact with the organization. Customer focus is understanding what customers value and how they behave.

Gathering Customer Feedback

When gathering customer satisfaction measurements, you are ask “How are we doing?” however, when gathering feedback for customer focus ask: “How is the customer doing?”

Market Directions has helped companies become customer focused by researching how customers are treated at every touch point. Gathering these customer metrics discovers what customers’ value.

To gather customer feedback Market Directions uses a number of practices including qualitative methods of observation and feedback solicited and unsolicited from internal and external sources.

Delivering Value through Differentiation

A necessity for marketers is to deliver value to empowered customers. You will win customers not just by having a better product but by being better in how that product gets sold, serviced and marketed. Few companies today can create a sustainable competitive advantage based on product alone. The hardest thing for competitors’ to copy is the customer experience your business creates.

Discover your customers--- what they really want and need --- to create intelligent, assured, profitable marketing campaigns and to deliver the products and services customers want. The solution lies in the power of capturing, integrating, enhancing, analyzing and acting upon customer feedback. This is evidenced by an overabundance of success stories that show a strong correlation between an increased focus on customer feedback and positive business outcomes.


Discovering Needs

There are many methods to help understand what customers’ need, when you are looking to customers to determine what they really need, want, and aspire to— and when you want to discover opportunities for meeting those needs—supplement surveys with qualitative research methods.

To execute the processes successfully, companies must obtain evidence from the customer and their environment that explains:

  • the tasks or activities customers are trying to do;
  • the outcomes customers are trying to achieve; and
  • the constraints they face

With the focus on the customer environment, you can deduce what the customer needs actually are. This method avoids asking customers to directly articulate their needs--- when they don’t know--- because they can explain better what they are trying to accomplish.