Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

What do your customers think of your service?

How do you know? How do you measure? Are there gaps?

shutterstock_255186277Use Market Directions to gain insight into what your customers want and which improvements will yield the greatest return—on satisfaction and on your investment. We learn your customers’ needs and behaviors through customer satisfaction survey questions and rating scales.

Market Directions’ customer satisfaction research is not solely about surveys, rating scales and numbers. It’s about your customers’ behavior, opinions, and experiences with you, your competitors, your products, services, and support. It’s about discovering what makes you stand apart from the competition.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction Survey

The opposite of proactively gathering customer feedback—waiting for it arrive on its own—is a flawed approach to customer satisfaction. To know what customers are thinking, you must ask— Market Directions can assist you with asking the right questions in the form of surveys, interviews or a customer feedback program.

Situation Analysis Needs Assessment Set the Vision
Interviews with key personnel including front end employees, managers and customers. Determines roadblocks to delivering superior customer service.
Observations: keen observations of work in process for objective insight. Communication: is it effective between customers and employees— management and employees? Executive Leadership: envision a future and inspire your team to join in building that future.
Surveys of employees, managers and customers Accountability: ownership of calls, follow-up, nurturing a lead? Are there consequences? Effective Use of People: focus on interpersonal skills and skills to satisfy customers — motivate
Measurements: review of current tracking, internal process measures— where do you stand now? Skill Level: are personnel skills matched with current positions. Is training necessary? Involvement: establish effective communication, rewards and empowerment.
Technology: what types of software, automation, could make the process better?


Market Directions is committed to helping you improve your satisfaction measurements with your customers and employees. Our three stage process determines the roadblocks to delivering superior customer service, assessing your customer care center, providing you with solutions that are practical and resourceful.

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