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Small and Mediums Business have big business ideas

The SMB technology-services market represents an essential opportunity that should not be missed by Enterprise Service providers. Strategies must be planned to realize the SMB promise.

SMBs adopt cloud based services

There are estimates that the SMB technology market represents a $24 billion opportunity and is ranked among the fastest-growing categories. SMBs are increasingly adopting cloud-based services. The cloud market is especially important to as it has high linkage to — and differentiation potential with — network connectivity services.

Definition and size of the market vary widely across research reports, but all point to a forecast of double-digit annual growth.

Enterprise Challenge to Serve SMB Market

The challenge for Enterprises is to be able to serve the SMB market’s wide-ranging audiences at scale. Enterprises need a deeper understanding of who SMB customers are, what they buy, as well as how they purchase technology.

Market Directions has insights on SMB’s we help enterprises understand:

  1.  Who SMB’s are: U.S. characteristics
  2.  What SMB’s buy especially with emerging cloud opportunity
  3.  How SMB’s buy: service and feature preference

If you are an Enterprise who is marketing or selling to the SMB market, you need information to better understand, service and grow your SMB market share.

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