Marketing Optimization

Marketing Optimization

Marketing OptimizationTarget the right offer to the right customer at the right time and price to grow revenue. When you can successfully do this, that’s when you have optimized your company’s marketing.  Marketing must make a sale happen by delivering compelling reasons for the customer to buy.

Market Directions helps you to optimize your marketing with market research.  No one knows your business better than you, but knowing your business does not always translate into understanding your customers.  You need to debrief success as rigorously as failure.  You need to understand what works just as thoroughly as what doesn’t.  You need to experiment, review and revise.  Then repeat the process.  You must be inquisitive and understand the “why”, not just the “what” of you customer’s behavior.

Why Choose Market Directions’ Market Research?

Market Directions will make you a successful marketer by helping you to ‘understand the mind of the customer’ and respond properly to changing market conditions.

How?  By becoming customer oriented rather than internally oriented-- using proven market research techniques that achieve optimal marketing strategies and tactics ---

  • First, realize that internally focused processes do not deliver what customers need and want.
  • Second, identify your value proposition in terms of the customer.
  • Third, offerings and marketing messaging must be tied to knowledge of your customers and their hierarchy of needs.

Market Directions Specializes in Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques

The dilemma for marketers can be how do you design the research project given the limitations of surveys or the deficiency of qualitative generalizations?   Market Directions can help.  We will answer your marketing questions using both quantitative and qualitative methods.  We employ our skills in observing people as well as recording behavior to help you understand your customers.  The analysis that follows combines inductive and deductive reasoning in presenting a complete picture of the costumer and market landscape.

Marketing Optimization

Understanding your customer defines strategy and optimizes your marketing

Market Directions’ strategic approach to market research will help you discover:

  • How to segment your customer target base.
  • How the decision-making process is structured by industry, company size and title of buyer.
  • What your customers really want.
  • Customer consumption habits and the most effective ways to reach them.
  • Customer frustrations and pain points.
  • Critical thresholds that change prospects from interested consumers into revenue-generating customers.
  • How your customers perceive your organization and your products and services, and what you should change.
  • What you need your customers to believe and the reasons why.
  • The specific tone of your messaging to ignite, incite and motivate.

Market Directions' job is to collect the data and then help you synthesize the information into strategic significant marketing actions. Just "offering it" isn't enough; you've got to get customers to come, and they have to buy. Together, with your unique perspective on your business, our market research can help you do just that.

Market Directions helps you to optimize your marketing with:

Customer Focus Research
Qualitative Research Methods
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurements
Customer Segmentation
On-Demand Marketing Research