On Demand Marketing

On Demand Marketing

Market Directions can serve as your market research agency of record in order to provide On dmeand marketing with market researchyou with a real-time adaptive marketing model. Market research— insight marketing— can no longer be an annual undertaking–it must be continuous in order to understand changing customer demands and markets which improves the quality of marketing decisions.

Are you ready for…

…new entrants?
…emerging technologies?
…substitutes for your product or service?

Are you ready with…

Marketing Strategy– competency
Operations—alignment, flexibility
Marketing Tactics—engagement

Do you respond to unexpected events…

…in crisis mode?
…by contemplating strategic scenarios developed in readiness for market variations?


Having greater visibility into market dynamics, better knowledge of customer behavior and intentions, as well as more effective competitive tracking heightens requirements for real-time, adaptive marketing practices. Market Directions on demand marketing provides for a more agile organization that exploits opportunities, pre-empts issues or threats, leverages new consumer shifts, trends and developments. We provide you with new sources of market insight and consumer behavior, blended with primary research using more efficient and effective research channels. Insights and intelligence is made accessible across the whole organization to improve the quality of decisions across marketing operations while reducing redundant or irrelevant market research spend.

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